I’m not a runner

But i want to be.

I took up running last September/ October. Well… more walking than running. I had been doing weight watchers for 6 + months (and lost 30 pounds!!) at that point. I had NEVER run before, but i was regularly working out for at least 45 minutes about 4 times a week. And honestly, it was a lot of time to be able to squeeze in regularly and was getting hard to keep up on. I figured i might try running…  because i knew it was super hard and could be a very efficient work out because i could only do it for like 20-30 minutes!

But then it got cold. And i even asked for cold weather gear for Christmas so i could run outside… but i didn’t.  And then i was on a medication i couldn’t exercise with. BUT that was then. This is now. So… after 3 months, i FINALLY went out running yesterday. I always feel like i look like a total out of shape dweeb, but hey – gotta start somewhere right?!? I’m thinking i want to run a 5k or something in a few months… but we’ll see how all that goes:)


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Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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One Response to I’m not a runner

  1. Brittany Brewer says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted to be a runner! BUT I get tired after running around the block ;) We should try together!

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