What I do all day… Part I

I try to explain my job to people… but really no one knows what the heck i do other than my coworkers:) The technical explanation of my job is the following:

I work at Help Me Grow. It is a home visitation program for parents and babies birth to age 3. There are two primary groups of families we work with – kids who have medical diagnoses or delays or at-risk families (in poverty, history of domestic violence, children’s services involvement). We complete developmental assessments and hook families up with resources as well as complete parenting education.

Clear as mud, eh?

Oh yeah – about 75% of my job is paperwork… Anyway -I just HAVE to laugh at this goofiness that surrounds me every day:)

Here are things that are completely normal to hear in my job:

1. I totally forgot you were coming!

2. We had bed bugs, but we just got rid of them – we sprinkled baby powder all over. (in case you’re not well versed in bed buggage – this in ineffective…)

2. Oh my gosh – there’s a mouse that just ran behind you!

3. (After you’re there for 20 minutes) We’re all really sick… we’ve been throwing up all morning.

4. Yeah we got rid of the lice.  We did (insert crazy thing that doesn’t work  like putting baby oil in your hair or using cotton balls and talcum powder)

5. Yeah she’s so smart! Even though she’s only 6 months old she eats and drinks everything we do! Me: Oh wow! What’s that in her bottle? (as i notice a lightly brown colored liquid). Parent: coffee!! But it’s cold, dont worry. (yes… because the heat was going to be my concern with putting coffee in a baby’s bottle)

And some normal things to see:

1. Kids with dried snot on their face. (a lot… not like when your kids are sick.  it’s like a 6 day cold without wiping once… dried on top of each other, creating snot babies of their own.)

2. Random Bugs

3. Unknown stains

4. Unknown adults walking in and out

5. Unknown wet liquid you sat in

And some things to smell:

1. Stale smoke that will stay with you all day

2. Stinky diapers (for the entire hour I’m there)

3. Curdling milk (one of my co-workers came into a house that smelled like rotten milk.  While they were there the Mom said “yeah she’s been spitting up so much!” At which point the baby projectile vomited and Mom rubbed it into the carpet with her foot. Silly.)

4. Unknown liquid you sat in

Just another day in the life of social work:)


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7 Responses to What I do all day… Part I

  1. my favorite part of this whole post is the automatically generated “possibly related posts” at the end. awesome. you are a good woman, my friend. Thanks for serving the city in such a real and usually thankless way.

  2. Jackie says:

    hahahaha! thats hilarious. And the funniest part is, i’m not even looking for another job! This is just the way things roll and i’m sticking it out:)

  3. Kelly says:


    But good to know what your day looks like :)

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