A strange thing about me…

Everybody has a strange characteristic that doesn’t seem to fit in their personality.  My friend Steph isn’t super emotional or a girly girl but she LOVES romantic comedies… like has probably watched 27 dresses at least 27 times… if not more.

One of those things of mine – I absolutely LOVE James Bond movies. I own almost all of them… And yes people, that’s about 22 movies… and I think I own all but the most recent 3 (although my husband thinks we have them all… i will have to do a recount).  And not only do I own them, but I watch them on a fairly routine basis. For some reason it’s just one of those mindless, fun things that I often love. Even though it is so unappealling in actuality, the life of a secret agent just seems so baller.

Here are some of my favorites:

diamonds are forever


007 Man with the Golden Gun, The

And yes. Roger Moore is the best Bond. (although I am shocked that I am digging the new blond Bond – Daniel Craig.) And yes, I know Sean Connery is in Diamonds are Forever. But, Roger Moore. The Best. The End.


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2 Responses to A strange thing about me…

  1. Kelly says:

    Is that related to your love of 24? :)

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