Fun in Maui

Bryan and I are getting ready to leave for Honolulu tomorrow to spend a couple days there while my parents go to the Big Island to see the black rock and volcanoes!! But here are a few shots of what we’ve been doing so far!!

Arriving! (after crazy travel delays, I was super excited)

My Mom and I walking down to the pool

Bryan and I at the Luau!

My parents in Lahaina

All four of us

Pretty flowers

My mom and I at the Hula Grill for dinner!

The four of us on top of Haleakala – looking at the crater of the volcano

We biked down from about 6,000 feet – 26 miles, downhill…

I did it! (although riding my brake the whole time, with much dismay from Bryan and my dad)

The sights were AMAZING. I loved the eucalyptus trees

My dad and hubby at dinner

At our condo, every night at sunset people meet by the seawall and blow conch shells “to the four corners of the earth.” My mom and I joined one night:) It was harder than it looked!


Watching the sunset from the seawall

Amazing Sunsets from our Lanai (balcony)

Love it.


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4 Responses to Fun in Maui

  1. Kelly says:

    Looks AWESOME! I just love that last picture:) And I’m so impressed about the biking thing!!! Love you friend! (and ps – Hawaii looks good on you;))

  2. emily says:

    love it dear friend :) thanks for keeping us connected with your pictures!
    and thanks for your emails — i’m so thankful for you!
    have fun in honolulu :)

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