Our 2nd anniversary trip was to Chicago. We were SO excited to spend some time here especially after such a great time last year.

Driving into the city. This was Bryan’s pretending to be stressed in traffic face:)

Our first stop: the ORIGINAL Uno’s….. it’s insane how delicious it was.

The ferris wheel at Navy Pier!

Starting out our 2nd day… got lots of rest because we did A LOT of walking:)

Went to a place called M. Henry’s for breakfast… LOVED IT! Check out Bryan’s bananas foster french toast

Chicago’s even a cool city in the rain.

The afternoon dried up a little so we went to The Bean like good little tourists!

AND had an amazing seafood dinner for our anniversary celebration

They even gave us free dessert!

After our dinner we went to Navy Pier and hung out, drank Starbucks and watched fireworks.

What a great trip. And with a great partner:)

Chicago – we will definitely be back!


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One Response to Chi-town!

  1. Kelly says:

    Fun, fun!! Scott and I went to Chicago for our first anniversary, and we loved it, too! Did you already tell us where you’re going this year? Or did Hawaii count as your anniversary trip?

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