10 Reasons I’m glad my Husband is Home

My husband spent the past week and a half over in London and Paris with another of our pastors. Our church supports missions in Western Europe and they went as part of that organization. Did you know that only half a percent of people in Paris go to an evangelical church?!? It’s mindblowing.

Anyways, I am so thankful for our pastors and how they love the gospel above all else and seek to lead us as a Church in whatever way will honor Jesus the most.

And so – I was so excited for Bryan about this amazing trip and the beautiful cities he got to experience! But – that meant a week and a half away from home. Always a buzz kill. I have learned a lot about dying to myself and my own wants and desires as a pastor’s wife. Because honestly, if it was up to me – I would love for Bryan to never be out of town, always be here hanging out with me. But does that honor Jesus? No. He calls him to grow and go to conferences and see different churches and spend time with men. That is what glorifies God. And above all else, thats what I want. That is the very speck of the iceberg of “dying to myself” in regard to the menfolk. But it goes into letting our husbands hang out and do things that will cause them to grow….This will definitely be another blogpost sometime in the future:)

But…. HE’S HOME!!! They were stuck in the airport an extra day, so he came home a day later than we all were hoping, but he’s here now:) And i LOVE IT! And now – Ten random reasons I love when he is home! Some of these might be cheesy – – if you’re not about that, just don’t read it:)

1. Because I love hearing about what has been going on in his mind and what God has been teaching him.

2. Because my house feels like home when he’s here.

3. Because he makes me laugh like no one can

4. Because anything I do is better when he does it with me

5. Because I love sleeping beside him.

6. Because he makes me feel beautiful

7. Because hanging out and eating cinnamon rolls in the morning on the couch with him is one of my absolutely, all time favorite things to do

8. Because he loves me oh, so well.

9. Because I missed him

10. Because I love him (just because I love him.)


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2 Responses to 10 Reasons I’m glad my Husband is Home

  1. jenrmott says:

    this is a nice post jackie! praise god for good marriages and that you can enjoy each others company! have a great week!

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