Our Battle Cry

In light of our anniversary yesterday, Bryan and I watched our wedding video and reminisced. (side note – we had a friend videotape it and currently – for the past 3 years – have had awkward sized video camera tapes of footage that we’ve never been able to watch and would love to have it put on DVD… do you want to do this? I will pay!!)

Here are some highlights just in case you weren’t there:)

– my mom made my dress (she’s ridiculous and amazing!!)

– There was almost a mini flower mishap, but it was diverted due to my amazing florist (the Fig Tree in Hamilton – who totally brought extras of everything!)

– My program girls accidentally wore the same dress and people thought i made them wear it

– I had to hide behind this screen next to the front door before the wedding and the suspense was killing me!

– There was a long snake outside – – anytime Blake talks about weddings, he remembers our wedding for the cool snake (and i’m okay with it)

– We said some awesome vows… and apparently had a record-breaking long kiss

–  My dad and I danced to a song his dad wrote (who had passed away) and Nat King Cole performed (called Pretend). It was a great and super sweet moment. And the band leader said my grandpa wrote it and said “stand up Lew! Where are you?!?” AWKWARD.

– All you folks who said encouraging things to us and didn’t realize anyone would see it… we do. every year. and it’s awesome and hilarious.

But one of my favorite things is that our very talented friend, Jonah Sage WROTE and performed a song for us – isn’t that amazing? I would love for you to get to hear it – – unfortunately I spent way too much time to only discover I couldn’t upload audio files without paying for an upgrade – BOO!!! Because the song really is beautiful. But alas – the next best thing is just reading the lyrics. You should ask to listen to it sometime, it would definitely be worth your while:)

Our Wedding Song

by: Jonah Sage

When I was a boy and all alone

searching for freedom, longing for hope

I saw creatures inside me

darkened corners, crooked indeed.

The light shone in the dark

destroyed the stone and me, tears me apart.

When the Light came, the dark it did flee

passed by others instead has chosen me.

I am thankful for that Love’s jealousy.


When you were just 17, I thought it best for you to not speak with me.

Solitude crossed with dreams

silent tears did grow inside of me.

I felt the seas cry out for relief

creation groaning expectantly

for the Groom to come.


Soon our souls will intertwine.

It’s good to not be alone tonight

as I claim your body as mine.

As our hair fades to gray, time will steal our beauty away

and we will see what’s left of us.

Mouths proclaim whats in our hearts.

May our offense never depart

that we may not forget what Love is

Love is gruesome

and abhorrent

A blood stained branch and a risen Lord!


May happiness be not our aim

nor wealth

nor children

nor comfort

But holiness in His sight

The Cross of Christ, our battle cry!

I will love you

because I love you

Yes, I will love you

because I love you.

I will love you.



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2 Responses to Our Battle Cry

  1. Lauren says:

    What a super exciting and beautiful day :)
    Happy happy (4 days ago!) 3 year Anniversary!! (I CANT BELIEVE YOU HAVE BEEN MARRIED 3 YEARS!!!)

    YOU are an amazing lady, my friend :) I LOVE YOU!

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