A renewed love affair with books

Let’s talk books for a minute, shall we? I LOVE to read. It’s really been a lifelong love if we’re honest with ourselves.  When I was a little girl I would read the Baby Sitter’s Club, Sweet Valley High, Nancy Drew and all kinds of other fun books. I’m a pretty fast reader (not to brag…) but it makes reading a little more enjoyable when you can consume a story quickly.

I didn’t read so much for fun when I was in high school and college. I think I was so used to reading books I didn’t really want to read in school that I forgot how enjoyable reading for fun was. After I graduated college – actually in the airport going to our honeymoon, I remembered.

There had been a book that I had seen numerous times at Border’s whenever we stopped there between Young Life things in Colerain (which was at least weekly.) The cover always seemed to grab me:
The memory keeper's daughter [Book]
Something about it was so haunting and I just remember seeing it in the airport, realizing I hadn’t brought any books and saying “why not? I’ve been noticing this book for so long, might as well see what it’s about.” I hadn’t really enjoyed a book in a long time so I figured even if it wasn’t that good, it wouldn’t be disappointing.
But thankfully, that was not the case. I loved this book. It would be interesting to read it again and see if I still love it so much, but it had an intriguing story and fascinating characters and just sucked me in. At the risk of spoiling, I’ll give you a quick run down – – it seems like I’m giving a lot away, but this all happens fairly immediately: in 1964, a doctor’s wife gives birth to twins and – due to a snow storm, they cannot get to a hospital and he delivers them. One of the twins is healthy and the other has Down’s Syndrome. The doctor tells his wife that the child with Down’s actually died and gives the baby to the nurse to take her to a home. The book talks about the next 20 years and how this has affected the nurse and the entire family involved. It was moving to see how people are affected by heartache and deal in all kinds of different ways, as well as just how much one action can set the tone for many things in your life.
And I’m grateful for this book. Because it reminded me how I love fictional books, learning about characters and getting wrapped up in stories. And that’s a great thing:)

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