Home Management to the Glory of God – Part 2

The girl talk blog has a quote I just love on their post “homemaking internship.”

Homemaking is a career that demands considerable expertise, may encompass decades of our lives, and has the potential to spread the gospel to our families, churches, communities, and future generations.

That’s a career worth preparing for, wouldn’t you say?

That was such an interesting thought to me because it made me think of how I spent 4 years of college studying for a job that I will only do for a small number of years. And – starting when I got a home of my own and not just my parents’- managing a home is something I will do for the remainder of my life. That is feasibly, by the grace of God, for the next 50-60 years. AND as the quote above says, it can be something that brings the gospel of Jesus Christ to our families, our neighbors and communities! It’s that important!

So what exactly does this look like? Home management, like any action, begins with the heart. We cannot manage our homes for the glory of God when we are not desiring to do so or aware of our motivation! Cleanliness, cooking and baking can so easily slip into a pride thing of wanting others to think highly of you and away from the God honoring motivation it should be. If it has become that, I encourage you to repent and believe the gospel. Do this out of the overflow of your heart and continue to check your motivation.

I apologize if I am repeating myself over and over, but I DO NOT want this to be a “to-do” list that would heap guilt on you if you don’t do A, B and C. Repent and believe the gospel – in ALL things, biblical womanhood and homemaking included.

And like anything, it is a learning experience. Ideally, training in home making to the glory of God happens growing up (in the above blog post they talk about mothers training their daughters) but that’s not always the case – especially for kids that were as stubborn as me, my poor mother:) It is also learned and modeled by women older than you – friends and disciplers. And for some of us, we learn on our own. So that means lots of studying, figuring things out, lots of failure and lots of figuring it out again.

So please don’t be discouraged if this is new for you! I know sometimes even women who are all for biblical womanhood can be confused about what it looks like to care for the home.

I encourage you to spend some time praying and thinking about ways you can honor God in your home. This will look different for everybody and that’s okay! With working full time, the way I manage my home will look different than someone who is home full time or a student. We’ll talk about this practically a little more later:)

To be continued…


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