How does Home Management Flesh Out? – Part 4

(See Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 here)

This post will be how home management plays out in my life. Like I’ve said, it looks different for everyone, so please don’t feel like this is how it should look in your life. In my world – much of my time is taken with working full-time outside of the home. So I’m trying to figure out how it looks like… here’s a glimpse of my journey:

– A few years ago when I first learned about the priority of home management, it stressed me out more than anything else. I hated cleaning and felt like I didn’t know how to do it effectively. We lived in an apartment and did laundry downstairs, so we had to do it at a time when we were home for hours at a time. Our apartment would usually be a mess and then we would just quickly surface clean before we had people over for dinner or community group at our house.  Also- did I mention I didn’t know how to cook?!?

-My first step was learning how to cook. I know I really desired to be able to cook and eat at home often – making healthy, cost-effective meals for Bryan, myself and for others. This was my priority at the time. And to be honest – it was a process. Cleaning and organizing really took a backseat while I was figuring out how to do this and do this efficiently and effectively.

-I like to say I learned how to clean in that tiny galley kitchen of the apartment:) And I had found a little smidge of a cleaning schedule to clean our tiny apartment. Granted I could clean it top to bottom (although, it was mostly superficial cleaning) in an hour and a half.

-We moved to our house and I was SO overwhelmed at what it would look like to keep it clean and organized. I would clean a bathroom and then get stressed out because the rest of my house would be a hot mess. I never felt like I could keep up. I knew it was important and I felt like I was failing at it. I realized I needed to repent of finding my worth in being a good homemaker and believe the gospel!

-Continually checking my motivations, I sought ways to become more efficient. I asked wise friends for their tips and looked at my life. One of the first things I looked at was my calendar.  I spent some time planning (I heard the 15/4 rule somewhere. Spend 15 minutes every day planning your day and you will spend 4 hours later…. I can’t imagine it’s actually 4 hours, but nevertheless, planning ahead helps efficiency!)

-So I started planning my meals. I would plan them and then would plan my grocery shopping list around it. I found I saved money and it was SO nice for me to come home from work and know what we were making for dinner! I would print up the meal calendar as well as well as the recipes in the kitchen and would pull the meat out of the freezer the night or two before so it would be thawed effectively! I would also put slow cooker meals together the night before so in the morning I could pop it on and literally eat as soon as I got home if I wanted!

-This process was a little difficult to get used to, but I LOVED it! I noticed that getting dinner on the table was much less stressful, we were eating healthier and saving money. This encouraged me to enact other little “policies” in my life to manage things. I know some people don’t work that way, but I LOVE lists and am much more effective when I schedule things out and write out what I need to do.

-I joined this website to help schedule out my chores. You can set how often you want to do certain chores and they will email you reminders and you get to check them off when you complete them! The fantastic part about this was that I was able to build a little routine: changing my sheets once a month or cleaning my bathroom every 3 weeks. I started small (and far apart, I know!) but it was a improvement from before! Previously I would all of a sudden realize a room of my house was GROSS and then would need to clean it. So having a schedule where I would do things on a regular basis made cleaning easier.

-As I got this schedule better, I didn’t necessarily need to use the website anymore. Basically I just got more ownership of wanting to honor Jesus and serve my husband in the way I care for my home. It has helped to overhaul the way I spend my time and do little bits of work all throughout the day (and work hard for 6 days so my sabbath can be more restful!) I keep things straightened up and plan when I’m going to clean and do laundry throughout the week. My house is much cleaner when I do little bits at a time and then one big cleaning day to do some big things.

Please don’t hear me wrong. I am not the perfect homemaker BY ANY MEANS! Case in point: when we moved into our house the top of the kitchen fan was filthy. I just cleaned it about a month ago – – almost 2 years later. Yes. Hilarious. But – I just know this is important and this is something I am passionate about and desire to grow in!! Be prepared that in the future you may see many more blog posts about my journey in home management – new things I’m learning, failures and successes. Be excited:)


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One Response to How does Home Management Flesh Out? – Part 4

  1. Curry Winters says:

    I always forget to clean the tops of our fans! It truly is a process!

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