A ridiculous video that seemed hilarious at the time:)

Here is my first ever video I’ve made that I will be putting on my blog. Here’s the set up: one of my best friends Emily is moving with her husband to Minneapolis next weekend. Yesterday we had a going away party full of lots of yummy food – appetizers and desserts. Peanut butter blondies were obviously there. The night got very goofy and there was a lot of laughter and multiple times of laughing so much that crying happened. I love times like that.

But anyway, we decided to do a video of how much we love peanut butter blondies. It’s ridiculous. And goofy. And my voice sounds totally weird, kind of like Yogi Bear (do I really sound like that in real life?!?) Watch at your own risk. You’ve been warned.


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7 Responses to A ridiculous video that seemed hilarious at the time:)

  1. jenrmott says:

    mmm so funny. loved taking this video, love you guys, love all around. :)

  2. emily says:

    i would appreciate if no one would point out how GIANT my hand looks at the 1-minute mark.
    i don’t totally understand the point of this video, but i hope it leads at least one person to enjoy a blondie.
    i love you no matter how weird we are, jackie :)

    • jackielopina says:

      Who needs a point to be ridiculous? But I do love capturing how we interact and live life together. You make me so fun and I love how much we love each other and can be so weird and so goofy and have a blast just being:) You bring out a great side in me and I’m going to go ahead and end this comment so I don’t cry right now. Love love love you.

  3. Carlie says:

    I need to try these peanut butter blondies! Not only was this movie hilarious but really made me want to eat a peanut butter blondie! :)

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