GOOD byes

So we said goodbye to our good friends, Dan and Emily today. I feel like I’ve been blogging about Emily leaving for the past 3 months – especially this week, so I apologize for the repetition:) Dan got accepted at Bethlehem Seminary in Minneapolis and they are currently on the road to begin the new journey God has in store for them! Although I am sad for my sweet friend to move away, I am ecstatic about what Jesus has planned for their lives. And I love – absolutely love – that He is Sovereign and has ordained us to be in community the past couple years and ordained for us to physically part ways now. I just keep thinking of how we are brothers and sisters and even though we don’t live 2 minutes away from each other, that status doesn’t change. And how cool is it that we get to be serving and growing the Kingdom in different churches, different communities and different states – together.

Emily’s friendship has been such a blessing to me and I will miss her dearly. But I know that what God has in store for us now is better. I know our friendship will look completely different and we appreciate your prayers in that transition.  Pray that even though we probably won’t be able to be in touch every day or know all the day to day happenings in each other’s lives, that we can trust God in our friendship and be excited and not sad about the changes. And that we will learn what it looks like to stay in touch. I’ve been pushing pretty hard core for her to have a blog, but she’s not convinced yet. (But here’s a teaser – they will live about a mile away from a farmer’s market and Em will ride her bike down there. She’ll obviously need a basket to put her food in (and probably a bell too). There would be a feature called “What’s in Emily’s Basket?” talking about what yummy things she will make that she bought at the farmer’s market! Awesome eh?!?)

We were able to spend SO much time together – especially in the past week which has been amazing. Tuesday morning we had our last both living here right now pre-work 7am date. Which included PW’s Cinnamon Rolls.

Emily had made them and frozen them, so she brought them over.

And then we made maple frosting in my mixer  – good thing it didn’t wake up the Hubs:)

Morning friend date with a side of cinnamon rolls – so great!

And then that night the four of us went to a big celebratory dinner on Tuesday night which was the perfect celebration/ goodbye.

Maggiano’s family style. YUM.

So much delicious food. Do you see the TWO giant tiramisus and a chocolate cake?!?

And here are all of our take home bags. CRAZY!

But it was SUCH a fun night and a wonderful time of celebrating what God has done and what He is continuing to do in this change. It really was a great day to be with them and to round up our time together. Friday night we went over and helped pack and then Saturday morning I went to see them off. Friday night I brought a gift:

Frowny face cookies!!! HILARIOUS!!!

Please excuse my awful frown face and the terrible lighting. yikes. And then the presents I brought Saturday:

A 4 pound bag of trail mix from Costco – couldn’t help myself:) And this:

We had a bunch of people from The Oaks write little notes to the Wellers to tell them how much we appreciate them and will miss them. They LOVED it! Here are a few of the pages

So cool. Thanks for anyone who contributed:)

What a week. I am so excited for this new season of their lives and our friendship as well. What a healthy looseness we can hold our friends when we know our faithful God is in control! A shot of our tearful goodbye:

Dan and Emily we love you.

See you soon.


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3 Responses to GOOD byes

  1. andrea says:

    My husband and I will have to welcome them…they are coming to our neck of the woods:) Bethlehem is an amazing church, we love calling it “home”!

    ps…in the past 6 months I have done 2 cycles of clomid (i did not ovulate), 2 cycles on Follistim, and just finished my first femara/follistim combo cycle. Not sure if we will do another one or just be done for now. It’s pretty emotionally draining! Praying your cycle goes well:)

    • jackielopina says:

      how fun!!! Thats so awesome that you guys are a part of Bethlehem!

      I know what you mean about the emotionally draining… I will be praying for you in that, that God would gently speak to you and remind you of who He is – his goodness, his mercy, his sovereignty, his faithfulness.

      I’ve been thinking a lot recently about Rom 5:3-4 and about how suffering producing endurance… just praying that God will give me the endurance to live out what He’s called me to – whatever that might mean. I will be praying for you guys too in that:)

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