Ode Week

It’s my self-determined ‘Ode to…’ Week on the ol’ bloggy blog. These are all small glimpses of things in the life of Jackie that make me smile. Most of them are things I see/ have with me/ use/ eat almost every day. So, nothing real exciting, different or groundbreaking. Just random things that make my life more enjoyable. A little blog series a little different, little lighthearted – good for all of our souls right?!? :)

So – here are a couple of my favorite things. I feel like I’ve written about a few of them, so there probably won’t be many total surprises.  Want to guess what some of them will be?!? Think daily. Think simple. Feel free to comment – whoever has the most right guesses I’ll make you a delectable dessert of your choice:)


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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9 Responses to Ode Week

  1. Jennifer Weiland says:

    Baking!! :)

  2. Kristin Lewis says:

    baking, crocheting, your nalgene. : )

  3. I the nalg doesn’t make it I don’t know what deserves to in your world ;)

  4. brittany says:


  5. Kristin Lewis says:

    mexican food?

  6. emily says:

    word finds! definitely word finds.

    ps… expect a voicemail from me later about a hilarious dream involving both you and bry :)

    love you!!

  7. Curry Winters says:

    cleaning with vinegar!

  8. jackielopina says:

    all good guesses ladies! And some are good ideas that I didn’t even think of! My posts are auto published so there will be no cheating to pick a winner – no worries:)

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