Ode to… my favorite work lunch

When I started weight watchers last year there were a few food finds that were clutch. 1 – Low fat string cheese. 2 – Chocolate Fiber One Bars (quick, easy, delicious – even my husband eats these!!!! And I get a box of 30 for cheap at Costco). Numbers 3 and 4 are best together. See below:) This is a healthy, filling, delicious lunch that I eat often, regardless of whether or not I’m trying to lose a few.

Morningstar’s Black Bean Burgers (or another veggie burger of your choosing…. my freezer is full of them!)

With a toasted Arnold’s Sandwich thing

Douse in yummy salsa. Or you could even pop on some hummus and cucumbers if you’re feeling Mediterranean


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One Response to Ode to… my favorite work lunch

  1. Kate Titus says:

    I’m guessing a lot of people on weight watchers discover the same foods – I ate everything you mentioned when I was doing it too. :)

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