Tasty Tuesday’s Ode to… my KitchenAid Mixer!

This definitely needs NO introduction. I love my KitchenAid mixer and use it AT LEAST once a week. Often 2-3 times. It’s great:) And the bowl is fantastic, it’s dishwasher safe – – perfect.

When I was engaged I really wanted a mixer but they were so expensive so I knew it probably would be a long time before I was able to get one. My parents knew how much I wanted one, but my Mom had told me she just got one like 5-10 years ago so I need to cool it and wait a while!

Christmas came and I saw a BIG box with my name on it – could it be?!? My kitchen aid mixer? I was STOKED! But before we started opening presents, my dad pulled me aside. “Just so you know, that box is Mom’s old sewing machine that she’s handing down to you. She’s really excited about it and I just wanted to give you a heads up so you weren’t expecting something else.”

For sure! I thought that was so sweet my mom wanted to give me her sewing machine, so I was a tiny bit bummed, but was appreciative of the gesture. When it came time to open that, I unwrapped it and it was a KitchenAid box. I gave a quizzical look to my dad but he gave me the reassured look of “I know, I know – but the sewing machine is inside.” I opened up the box and – “OH MY GOSH! IT REALLY IS THE MIXER!!” I shouted!!! And was SO excited! Then gave my dad a hard time:)

But it was so sweet of them and I am SO appreciative of the gift of baking and cooking they have given me! Yay Mixer! MWAH!!!


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2 Responses to Tasty Tuesday’s Ode to… my KitchenAid Mixer!

  1. Kristin Lewis says:

    how could i forget your kitchenaid mixer. haha.

  2. Curry Winters says:

    not sure how we all missed this one!

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