Ode to… contrasting paint colors

living room and 2 shades lighter on the stairs and in the hallway

The lighting makes the right side look light too but the whole living room is a little darker, more saturated and that back wall going up the stairs is lighter

Rocking it in the kitchen/ breakfast nook as wellKitchen is a mossy green and I love, love, love LOVE it! It makes me want to be in there all the time. Well – that, and the greatness of cooking and baking:)

breakfast nook is (surprise!) 2 shades lighter

Here’s my ode to you, contrasting paint colors!!


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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3 Responses to Ode to… contrasting paint colors

  1. Curry Winters says:

    i love love love those paint colors too! Can you give me the green colors, i might paint a room one of those greens!

  2. Kate Titus says:

    I absolutely love the colors you picked for your house. It will be so cool if we are able to get a house one day and we can actually paint. We’re not allowed to in our apartment so it’s white, white everywhere!

  3. Kristin Lewis says:

    these are hard, jackie! i was supposed to guess contrasting paint colors? haha. still loving ode week!

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