Ode to… my nalg

I used to have migraines really bad growing up. My neurologist told me that sometimes drinking a lot of water can help. When I went to Young Life camp in high school, I saw these really cool looking water bottles for sale. So, I got myself one! I started trying to drink water often and to be honest, it kind of became one my things. I felt better when I was well hydrated and I did notice a little change in my migraines. I would change how much I would drink as to how I was feeling that day, but I would usually try to take it with me.

In college, I did the same. Sometimes just to stay awake in class – but I tried to take my Nalgene with me where ever I want. A great thing about a Nalgene is that they DO NOT break! (only two exceptions are the plastic lid can melt/ break or if you freeze it with water all the way to the brim I think it might actually break.) But I accidentally drove away once with it on the top of my car, we dropped it out of a 2 story window and I beat it up pretty bad – no breaking. However, I do lose things regularly and easily. So I went through a few – just because I kept losing them:(

As I grew up (kind of?!?) and graduated into real life adulthood, my Nalg was one habit that stayed the same. Took it to work, took it to friend’s houses, etc. As I was getting healthier, I was reminded about the importance of water and my H2O intake increased. I was told about drinking half your body’s weight in ounces and I was aiming for that plus:)

And hilariously enough – my doctor just told me it’s really important for me to stay really hydrated, so now I can say “Doctor’s orders!” Bryan said I was just waiting for that. (Oh and ps – after losing my nalgenes/ leaving them everywhere I got smart and bought a few. So now – I’m never without!)


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