Ode to… Bethlehem Bible Reading Plan

I started following the Bethlehem Bible Reading Plan in January. I had tried many “bible in a year” plans, never getting past February – maybe March. It would always just seem overwhelming to me. There would be so much to read every day and if you got behind, forget about it. You would have to read one day for an hour and a half just to get to the day you were trying to get to! Inevitably, I would miss a couple days and would feel so far behind that I just gave up.

This plan seemed intriguing to me. Instead of having reading for every single day, this just had reading for 25 days a month. SO – that means there are always a few catch up days! Even in February, there are 3 catch up days – and most other months there are 5 or 6!! This was groundbreaking for me. Sometimes I would miss my quiet times or just spend mornings praying or reading a Psalm and with this plan, it was so easy to stay or get back on track.

I had tried a plan before that had me read 4 different parts of the Bible every day and I liked it, so that wasn’t a deterrent for me. I knew it could feel kind of choppy so I was prepared for this. However, with this plan I was pleasantly surprised! By reading four different parts of the bible, it made the Word seem so much more whole. I understood things Jesus said better in the New Testament, because I read about the background and what the Jewish people would be thinking in the Old Testament! The Word became so much more alive to me and made so much more sense, which was just incredible.

In the past,  I would sometimes get stuck while trying to read Old Testament book after Old Testament book. With this plan you are also reading other books in addition, which made it rarely hard to read. Usually there would be at least one of the four sections that I was just STOKED to read. God has used this plan to make his Word come more alive to me and I am so thankful! I am praying I can continue to keep up with it and actually (finally!) read the whole bible in one year!!!! I was deciding whether I would do something different next year or do it again, but recently I’ve been thinking I would do it again. I would highly recommend it to you as well!!!


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3 Responses to Ode to… Bethlehem Bible Reading Plan

  1. Clare says:

    Jackie! i totally relate! i love reading your blog ;) i miss you and hope the church is going so well : ) Im going to try this reading plan! thanks for posting it!

  2. womenoftheoaks says:

    just so you know, i am SO encouraged by your perseverance in your reading plan! i know since we’re doing different ones we don’t usually talk about it, but i have been spurred on to keep up/catch up with mine because i know you have continued yours! i hope you know what an encouragement that is :)

    love you!!

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