How did I do on my summer list?!?

So it’s Labor Day Weekend and I am happily self-determining that summer is over and fall is on its way! WOOHOO! Best season ever:) I have been talking nonstop about wanting to make chili and watch football and make pumpkin everything. So I kind of can’t wait. But just in case you were curious – here’s the update on my summer list.

1. Go to the lakehouse for a few days and do nothing but lay in the sun and read alllllll day

2. Begin Season 1 of Lost – (decided I can’t put in that commitment. I was just on a season ending high when I thought I wanted to:)

3. Do fun outside activities with my clients (like making LOTS of playdoh, playing with parachutes and more) (also – not be stressed out at work… can that just be an always goal?!?)

4. Be in the room while one of my best friends has her baby!!! (This is the plan for now… as D-Day comes closer we’ll see how we’re all feeling about things:) (not during… but seeing her before and them after!!!)

5. Conquer my lawn, ridiculous weeds and all (good as it was going to get)

6. Have cook outs. Lots and lots. Planned and spontaneous. (including at the Winter’s awesome backyard!)

7. Find a summer wreath, mantle decorations and more!! (RIP summer wreath idea  – I looked for you many a time, but it just never worked out right)

8. Start doing yoga again 3 times a week! (nope. I think I’ve done yoga like 5 times… and mostly in the past 2 weeks. my body is very mad at me for that (as are my clothes)…. bummer)

9. Tackle my basement…. do some major organization in that hot mess! (PHASE I COMPLETE!! I am SOOOOO excited!)

10. Spend lots of time at the pool with Steph and friends:) I’m usually all talk and no action! BOO ON ME!

11. Get back on the horse with weight watchers and drop 5-10… I’ve been ridiculous lately! (let’s not talk about this…)

12.  Go to bed at least once while it’s still light out

13. Spend lots and lots of time on my front porch in the rocking chairs

14. Wear summer dresses very often.

15. Start a “tasty tuesday” feature on the ol’ blog

16. Attend 1,000 weddings (that one will happen without us having to do anything… it’s crazy!)

17. Walk around the neighborhood with fun neighbors (I’m looking at you Leigh, McKenzie and Kristin!!) (nope… I feel like I was an old woman because it was so stinkin hot and humid! But McKenzie and I went on a walk last week! Which was so great…. that counts right?!?)

18. Hang out a WHOLE bunch with my sweet friend Emily Weller before she is a few states away:( (we hung out a ton… but not enough. miss you em)

19. Grill pineapple (why did I not do this?!?)

20. Make a list of books I want to read and complete it!

21. Finally make the perfect chocolate chip cookies

22. Use the attic fan often

23. Hang out with my friend’s kids

24. Take a day off just because

25. Actually do one of the awesome ideas I read about in Better Homes and Gardens (i think my subscription is over? I should probably renew it)

26. Drive to work with my hair wet and let it be blown dry by the open windows (frequently)

27. Overhaul my 4 different areas of baking supplies in my kitchen to one super amazing, organized and delicious baking place!!

28. Start water skiing again (I must have written this on an especially adventuresome day…. had a few chances, but didn’t want to)

29. Paint my toe nails a crazy color like Carlie:)

30. Do yoga on my back patio and not look like a complete idiot (see #8)

31. Go to a drive in movie (why not?) (because)

32. Do something semi-adventurous and not lame that I’ve never done before. Ideas?? (Dear Jackie 3 months ago, I think you forgot there’s kind of a lot going on… we can barely keep up with the necessary things:) Maybe in a little bit….)

33. Make these Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes. Oh yeah… that’s going to happen right quick. (HOW HAVE I NOT DONE THIS YET?!? IT NEEDS TO BE REMEDIED IMMEDIATELY!!! I’ll be back… gotta run to my kitchen)

34. Learn how to crochet a granny square and the shell stitch ala Steph

35. Get citrus colored, fun summer throw pillows to match my mantle decos:)

36.  Be more aware in every part of my life – how I spend my money, how I love my friends, how I use my time, where my priorities lie – what glorifies God the most? (I’m going to cross this out because I was more aware, but it is definitely something I am constantly growing in and challenged by)

37. Make some yummy white chocolate and dried cranberry scones

38. Purge! Donate and recycle (confession: I have a couple huge boxes of “giveaway” stuff that I just need to drop off. I am often really good at doing a job 90% and just don’t finish it up. I definitely need to do that sometime soon)

39. Figure out an inexpensive way to make the guest bedroom’s temperature cooler (over it – it’s called fall and spring… just wait it out and eventually it will become cooler)

40. Start shopping a few needed things in bulk – Costco, GFS…. it’s SO cheap!!!!

41. Keep on sticking with and loving the Bethlehem Bible in a Year Plan (have I told you how much I LOVE it?!? It is SO SO great!!! I would HIGHLY recommend it for next year for you!)

42. Spend some good time with our across the street neighbors

43. Hang out on Stefano’s patio (see above with the crazy hotness…. but now that it’s been a little cooler, I should rock that)

44. FINALLY get my Vitamin D level up (I’m totally serious – – it tested low in January, I took supplements for 3 months, still low; doubled supplements for 3 months, still low; now taking 50,000 units once weekly for the next 4 weeks…. come on blood! do your thing!) (Oh my gosh! Just got word a couple weeks ago that it’s “FINALLY in the therapeutic range!” Still gotta take supplements but SCORE!)

45. Go through our clothes, books, STUFF and give away. Give to agencies who really use it to love the poor and hurting, not just the most convenient to drop off.

46. Continue to grow in self control in many aspects of my life, including food and going to bed/ rising early (have been continuing… will continue)

47. Re-read books that have been challenging and encouraging for me. (re-read one or two)

48. Learn to sew (next time… next time…)

49. Hold on to truth. (always a fight…. praying I can believe the gospel and fight sin more and more every day)

50. Simplify my life. (yes, yes, yes.)


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4 Responses to How did I do on my summer list?!?

  1. Curry Winters says:

    i wish i had known this list at the beginning oh summer, i would have done more of it with you! #4 would have been great but we did find a good alternative!

  2. emily says:

    i love you SO much my dear friend! my heart is a little sad today missing you… i feel like we would totally be hanging out today :( but i am so glad you were able to cross so many things off your list! God was (and is) so good to you and is DEFINITELY growing you in so many ways! love you!!

  3. Devon says:

    I love reading your posts and knowing how your life is. Maybe stalking, but definitely loving.

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