Breakfast Nook Valances!

My mom is an amazing seamstress – she made my wedding dress!!!! – and recently has been making curtains for the fam. It’s been so great. We pick out fabric together and then in her leisure she makes curtains! Well actually – so far, I’ve only wanted valances:) But my curtains for my living room will be coming soon! She’s made some valances for my dining room:

so great!!

And just about a week ago she dropped off the valances for my breakfast nook. I absolutely LOVE them!!! The pattern is so fun and whimsical and is basically all of the colors I have in my house together:) They look so great!

And happy surprise – the old owners had left hardware up and my new rods I got fit!!! So I didn’t have to remove the hardware, repaint the trim over it and put in new hardware.

SCORE! Love when things are easier than you think they will be! Want to see the progress the nook has made?

Breakfast nook before we bought the house:

The previous owners had plaid wallpaper (yikes):

And we bumped our head on that lamp about 50 times:

Scraping wallpaper off:

Changed light, painted the light green color:

View with the kitchen:

Painted the window trim bright white:

And now… drum roll please….


Don’t they look great?!?

LOVE it with the wall color!

My mom did an awesome job!!!

Now if only I get the motivation to paint the bookshelves and change the knobs… :)


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5 Responses to Breakfast Nook Valances!

  1. LOVE that fabric. it’s perfect and so cute!

  2. brittany says:

    those valances are wonderful, you are so right, they tie everything together beautifully!

  3. Curry Winters says:

    they are amazing!!! well worth the wait!

  4. Thanks for the compliments. I’m glad you like your valances. I promise the living room curtains will be forthcoming. Hope you like them as well as the others.
    Love ya, Mom

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