So – is it nationwide news that there is a pumpkin shortage this year?!? Well at least it’s been the talk among my friends and women at The Oaks. Does that say anything about us?!? I don’t know. I had checked a few stores and most people I knew hadn’t been able to find it anywhere the past few weeks.

Super bummer. I had 4 or 5 cans saved up from last year that I was saving. I wanted to start pumpkin baking at the end of August… and ESPECIALLY since September started, but was nervous I wouldn’t have any for Thanksgiving – what a crime!!

Recently I’ve been looking up instructions and youtube videos on how to prepare a real pumpkin to cook/ bake with. It didn’t seem hard (and I’m sure it would taste better!) but just seemed like it would take a while…. and obviously canned is easier. BUT if I couldn’t find canned this would definitely be necessary way to spend a Saturday.


Kristin Anderson gave me some great news last night – – Kroger’s had canned pumpkin!!! She said our friend Jen made some yumminess for community group a night or two ago and that’s where she got it. I made a plan to stop by right after work today.

As I pulled up to Kroger’s the lot was full. Did everyone get the canned pumpkin memo?!? Was I coming too late?!? Oh no, I was nervous. I anxiously scurried to the baking aisle, worried I would be a sad little wanna be baker as I came to the emptiness where the pumpkin was supposed to be.

But alas – it was there!!!!!

I was STOKED to say the least! I finally found it!!!!! I excitedly grabbed some and put them in my cart. But then the age-old question – – how much should I get?

BAM!!!! Hopefully that’s enough:) SO – those compared with the ones I’ve stocked from last year

Equals a whole lot of pumpkin

Okay, I admit it’s slightly ridiculous

And not only that but I bought some other baking supplies. It was a shopping trip that would make any baker smile:)

And PS – since I now have pumpkin a plenty, my Fall theme of “Baking with Pumpkin” will begin. WOO HOO!!!


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2 Responses to JACKPOT!!!!

  1. Megan says:

    haha, that’s so funny! It’s pretty easy to bake your own pumpkin to make a puree too. You probs already know that because it seems you’ve become an expert! It takes a while though…I wonder if they’re running low on all pumpkins! Maybe at a local farm you could find some, but it doesn’t seem like you’re going to run out now:)

  2. Lauren says:

    jackie! you. are. hilarious. i am not at all surprised by that stack of cans!

    and that’s why i love you : )

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