Happy National Pancake Day!!

It’s National Pancake Day!!! Who doesn’t love pancakes?!?

On this day I think you should…

(Cue corniness…)

FLIP for pancakes!

So I know it’s Sunday and this posting is a little late for the “saturday morning sleep in, make pancakes” fun. And for that I apologize. But know anytime you make pancakes in the next week or two, you can celebrate. I’m for it.

And have you ever made pancakes from scratch?!?

Not as hard as you would think:)

You should do it!!

Here are some recipes to get you started that I want to try soon:

Fluffy Pancakes from allrecipes.com

Good Old Fashioned Pancakes from allrecipes.com

PW’s Perfect Pancakes

Cinnamon Bun Pancakes – oh my!

Joy The Baker’s post of different pancake recipes: milk chocolate buttermilk pancakes, whole wheat banana walnut pancakes, gingerbread pancakes,  oatmeal cookie pancakes, chai spiced pancakes etc….

But even if you’re not feeling adventuresome enough to make homemade pancakes, Aunt Jemimah is always your friend. And just in case you’re not up to making dinner sometime this week… don’t forget about a good Brinner:)


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