Fall Decorations

Fall is the best season. Hands down. And fall decorations are one of the best parts!!! Prior to the last week of hotness, we have had some AMAZING, beautiful, crisp and cool autumn weather. Which makes me want to decorate for fall, drink pumpkin spice lattes and sit on my porch in rocking chairs.

Here is a pumpkin and table runner I just gravitated towards.

And the wreath?


And so many choices!

I spent A LOT of time looking online, perusing some different options and trying to make a decision:)

I decided to just GO FOR IT!

And my choice?

Brightly colored leaves, some berries here, a couple apples there

I just LOVE driving home after a long day from work and seeing my front door scream “Autumn!”

Hello autumn! Glad you’re here:)

My Fall Mantle to come at a later date….


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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