Re-Living Vacation: Friday

In case you have noticed my absence on the blogosphere… Bryan and I got the joy of spending most of this week down in beautiful Tennessee on Norris Lake! My parents have an amazing lakehouse that they generously let us use often! We came down last year in mid October in hopes of hitting the peak of beautiful leaves and fall scenery. It was beautiful!!! The weather was perfect and we had a blast! Pastor Kevin and Steph (and tiny Anna!) got to join us which was a treat. Here’s some pictures of last year.

We decided to do it again! I think the plan may have been for the Reverend and Misses to join us again but then the whole “they’re supposed to be having a baby” the day we got home was a problem:) (LITTLE OWEN WAS BORN on Wednesday! YAY! I’m sure more info will be on Steph’s blog soon!) So we decided to have a little Lopina retreat. Just us together for an extended amount of time. Bryan wanted to drive down to Gatlinburg one day to hike and see the sights like we did last year for a little added adventure. Having a good 4 days to spend together doesn’t happen except for vacation and it’s a real joy to get to get away by ourselves.

When we got home from Hawaii someone was telling me the way they live out their vacation a little longer is the week after, they try to remember exactly what they were doing a week ago. It’s actually harder than you might think to remember everything you were doing!!! But for this little trip I thought it would be fun and would remind me of the refreshment I was feeling and hopefully for THAT to continue! And hopefully it’s a fun way for you to see what we did?!? Anyways – that’s what my posts will be the next few days;)



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