Re-Living Vacation: Saturday

I love preparing for vacation. Is that weird? I feel like I’m a homemaker on steroids when we have a vacation coming up. For big trips I’m really excited about, I’ll often pack WAY before – – like 3 weeks or a month before. Ridiculous I know. For my honeymoon I had the bag completely packed an entire month before. The opposite of my sweet friend, Kelly O’Donohoe (whose wedding I got the honor of being in!) who hadn’t packed until the day of her wedding…. and I actually laid out her clothes on the bed when she was getting ready to choose her outfits to pack them:) And really – no harm done, I’m sure her packing was great and no big items forgotten. But I’m that guy – I love packing (and not to toot my own horn too much, but I’m kind of good at it). Please note – this is also the EXACT opposite of my sweet husband. He will pack approximately 10 minutes before we leave. It used to drive me crazy but now I’ll just start laying out clothes for him a little before so he can pick and choose and finish up the packing of what he wants:)

Preparing for vacation is this exciting anticipation of the trip to come for me. I LOVE lists so while the trip is slowly approaching I will start making a few of them – what to do first, laundry loads to wash, what to pack, etc. When we go down to lake we make meals and bring food so then I’m trying to decide what types of deliciousness do we want to eat, what I need to go grocery shopping for, what I want to make beforehand, etc.

By Saturday I had finished most of the laundry, decided on my meals, made my grocery list and had clothes set out for me. Next up – making the things I had planned for my meals!

SO….. made pizza dough in my bread machine and pumpkin bread for our breakfasts, made last-minute changes on clothes to bring, decided on shoes, got everything ready I wanted packed, set aside the food to bring in the kitchen, get the bags out we’re going to pack in and do lots of those little things that are involved in packing! In this meantime Bryan cleans out his car and gets good tips on where to go in Gatlinburg. We get to have a relaxing evening and get excited that we get to leave tomorrow!



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2 Responses to Re-Living Vacation: Saturday

  1. Jennifer Weiland says:

    I totally need your expertise next trip we take!! I feel like I make lists and try to start ahead of time, but there are always things remembered last minute and that I forget. Very impressive and useful skill!

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