Re-Living Vacation: Sunday

Went to church in the morning where Pastor Kevin talked about our identity as missionaries and then got to spend some time chatting with folks afterwards… both were great. I went to the 9:00 service and we had lunch at 1 so I had a little time in between.

I went grocery shopping to get food; packed the pantry food; laid out Bryan’s clothes on the bed for him to choose from, packed up my clothes and shoes and brought them downstairs, packed the “hobbies” bag of books, ipod, crocheting, movies/ tv shoes, check and make sure I have everything on my list raring to go when we get back!

At 1:00 we had a celebration lunch for a CG member who has been out of the Hope House and clean and sober for 1 YEAR! Isn’t that amazing?!? Praise God for doing such big things! I love that we can celebrate with him!

After a great lunch, we came home – B wrote community group questions while I packed the cooler and brought everything downstairs ready to pack in the car. Bryan got his clothes together and then packed everything up in the car.


We are ready!


And I am exhausted:) And I know my neurotic packing/ list making can sometimes be extreme… especially when I arrive somewhere and realize there are a few things I forgot/ should have brought! But anyways – it’s more of a way for me to get excited about the trip and serve my hubby too! But I have to be honest – I LOVE that exhausted feeling where you have worked so hard. Especially knowing that the next few DAYS you can relax. My husband always serves me by driving everywhere so literally – once I get in the car, it is my time to kick back and hang. By 8:00 we arrived! And hung out that night, watching football, eating snacks and relaxing on the couch. Ahhhhhh…..



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