Trick or Treat: Missional Living

I love trick or treat! I know people have different convictions about Halloween, but for us – it’s the ONE time of year where almost all of our neighbors are out and excited! It’s so neat to love on people with a kind word and some good candy. To be honest, Bryan and I wish we could be the “king size candy bar” people… but that gets EXPENSIVE!!

Top 5 things of Halloween this year:

5a. The little kid who dressed as an old man with a white beard and a cane (and dockers) who I made the corny joke of “i think you’re too old to be trick or treating” and CRACKED UP!

5b. The kid dressed in a Steeler’s jersey. We said “sorry don’t know if you get any candy” and he looked dejected and started walking away… thought we were totally serious. (Don’t worry – we told him we were joking and gave him some good stuff!)

4. How we’re kind of sticklers… and make kids work for the candy. If they dont say anything we just wait them out. Bryan kept saying “can i help you?”

3. Our sweet little neighbor Grace who stopped by. She LOVES The Backyardigans and she dressed as Uniqua! So stinkin cute!

2. John Winters dressed as a (screaming) dragon… I’m sure Cur will have some pictures on her blog:)

1. Joyful times with friends. Mike, Curry and John came over to pass out candy with us with her parents… Bob and Melody came over when they were out of candy. We just got to sit on our driveway and hang out. Thankful for times and friends like these:)


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One Response to Trick or Treat: Missional Living

  1. Dannie says:

    Kenny totally wanted to start a staring contest with the kids that didn’t say “trick-or-treat” He was a stickler for that too… funny!

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