Fancy Friday

On Saturday we watched our little neighbor who is SO CUTE!!! She is super smart – just turned 2 last month and talks in 4-6 word sentences clearly. It’s amazing. Anyways, I brought over my crocheting bag and she pulled a piece of yarn around her waist and yelled “LOOK- I’M FANCY!” It was hilarious:)

Anyways, a week or so ago I just had this desire to wear some HUGE earrings. Not just dangly, but big and a little obnoxious. Is that a weird desire? Anyways, don’t worry about it. BIG earrings. Sometimes they are just the So here are a few ones I recently purchased at Target/ Kohls clearance.

One – I saw these and they were kind of big and I knew I would wear them. I wear teal like its my job.

Two – bought these for the wedding Bry performed. Burnished gold earrings, greenish gold pashmina… perfect for fall.

Three – I saw these and they were fairly obnoxious (like I wanted remember? I’m weird I know) and brightly colored and bigger and LIGHT which is clutch on bigger earrings. Now I know I didn’t rock the super big ones… maybe later. But when I saw these I wasn’t sure if I liked them that much or would wear them but they were super cheap so I figured what the hey?

Big earrings. Pashmina. Aviators. That’s about as fashionista as I get party people.

The Verdict?


“Look I’m fancy!!”


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One Response to Fancy Friday

  1. Curry Winters says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that look on you too!!!

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