Oh, Sweet Minnesota

Last week we got the joy of visiting our friends, Dan and Emily in Minneapolis. I had high hopes for how good it would be – I was looking forward to it so much that about a week before I had to tell myself “chill out- you are having these unrealistic expectations which means even if it’s good, you’re going to be disappointed it’s not great.”

BUT… It was even BETTER than I was hoping!! It was so good I can’t even put it into words. There was just a lot of laughter, so much overflowing joy and packed with gospel and praising Jesus for what he has done and is doing. I always think to myself after talking with Em that she makes me want to bake and love Jesus more. The love and grace and joy and peace of Jesus just radiate from Dan and Emily and it was so, so good to spend an entire 3+ days with them. It often seems that hard days seem to go on forever and “time flies when you’re having fun.” But by the grace of God, these fun, relaxing joyful days seemed SO LONG!!! I would feel like we had already packed so much in one day and I would be thrilled to realize it was still the afternoon!! It was utterly fantastic in every sense of the word:) I love love love these people.

Quick recap to make my memories more alive…

you should know this is much more for me than it is you… hope that’s okay:)

Tues: travel day… I ended up driving the whole way because my hubby was sick:( But we made it quickly and almost didn’t stop at all! Rested at the hotel for about an hour then went to their house to see them!! They saw us coming and came to meet us, oh, what a sweet reunion! Em made dinner and I definitely let a few tear drops fall as Dan was praying for our meal – such deep joy to be with these friends once again!!

Wed: in the morning I got to meet face to face with a blog friend!!! This was SO great and went along with the theme of being even better than I had hoped. God is so good!! I will write more about Andrea later… stay tuned:) After that I met the clan at Bethlehem Church! They showed us around and it was cool to see this church we hear so much about and also meet a couple of Emily’s coworkers. We grabbed lunch then Em and I went grocery shopping for our turkey feast!! It was just a blast to live normal life for a few days with our sweet friend… grocery shopping together – fabulous!!! It started snowing pretty hard as we were shopping and actually when we were ready to leave Emily’s car battery died – oh no!! But about 4 (cold!) minutes later the guy whose car was parked in front of us came and jumped it! Success! God provides! We came back to their house and were excited to be inside for the rest of the day :) Hanging out, talking, Mexican carry out for dinner, making pie crusts and a pumpkin pie, watching an old movie and creating the turkey day timeline… What a great, great, great day! I went to sleep with a smile on my face and in my heart:)

Thurs: the big day is here! Spent hours and hours with Emily cooking in the kitchen – LOVE that!!! I’ll give the food/ Thanksgiving recap tomorrow:)

Fri: decided to look around town our last day! B and I got breakfast at the hotel (thank you credit card points for all your perks) and then met up with the Wellers. We went to Gold Medal Park to walk around and look at the river (in the snow… I was freezing my face off!!) and then went to a few shops, had some t- day leftovers for lunch then spent the afternoon in more fun shops! The boys were very boyish and ours well, we went to a huge kitchen store, an awesome paper, craft type shop and… DUN, DUN, DUH… Penzey’s spices!!

It was SO fun walking around with Emily and smelling all of the goodness in there. Especially high fat cocoa. Oh my! We also had this sassy sales lady that would tell us stories of things she has made with the spices and always ended with an “ooooohhhh weeeeeee!!” or some other type of fantastic excited explosion:) Free apps at the hotel filled with laughter then back to their place to hang out. We ate some snacks/ pie/ sweet potato casserole (which is basically pie) and conned the boys into playing apples to apples, where there were a few points where I was crying with laughter (the best kind!!). Our last night was quickly drawing to a close…. and although sad it was an incredible trip. Here’s Em showcasing the gift I brought her:)

Saturday morning we came over to say goodbye early in the morning. A little unexpectantly, tears filled my eyes as I was saying goodbye. After hugs and I love yous, we walked to our car and my husband pointed back at the house. I turned and saw Emily waving furiously out the window as we were getting in the car, and continued waving until we were out of sight. How awesome is that?!? My only regret is not taking a picture of this precious, bittersweet sight:) Guess my mental picture will have to do, right? Wellers we love you so much!!


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6 Responses to Oh, Sweet Minnesota

  1. em says:

    oh, dear friend. i am so, so sad this week is over but i am thankful to the Lord for making it happen!! it made me think of paul and how often he was refreshed when he had sweet friends (brothers and sisters in Christ) visit him and encourage him in the gospel. WE LOVE YOU!!
    i hope the thanksgiving menu post includes some pictures of us in our amazing aprons :) i can’t wait to talk again soon!

  2. I was hoping for a post about your trip – thanks for sharing! So glad that it was better than you had hoped and that you were spurred on towards Jesus…..and baking :) Love those Wellers!!

  3. jenrmott says:

    i love this post :)

  4. Curry Winters says:

    jackie you always make me cry…please stop! I am so glad you got such a refreshing time away!

  5. Jill says:

    Don and I miss the Wellers already and this makes it worse… yet better! So glad they’re doing so well and so glad you guys are staying so “close.”

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