Tasty Tuesday – Thanksgiving Style!

Thanksgiving was amazing!!! It was an absolute BLAST to plan, prep and cook, cook, cook all day!! 5+ hours of chopping, mixing, baking together in Emily’s little kitchen with her was great! I had this awesome idea to give her a personalized apron, but I ended up making them to save money.  Sounds like a good idea right?

But unfortunately it looked like a 6 year old made them. Eh? It was the thought that counts right?!?

Another ridiculous thing – for our recipes we bought an absurd amount of butter and whipping cream. ABSURD.

Anyway, back to the food!!!

Beware we used A LOT of the pioneer woman’s recipes…. A LOT. Em made her cinnamon rolls. for breakfasts.We served stuffed mushrooms,

sugar coated pecans

and white cheddar cheese and crackers for apps.

(read hungry boys)

We made a game time switch to the turkey recipe and went with a Bobby Flay herb roasted recipe from his throwdown vs. The Pioneer Woman.

Emily was the turkey champ. Although we did have a little hiccup when she couldn’t find the gizzards.

But don’t worry. She called the butterball hotline. And actually asked the lady if she could still help her even though she had a Jenny-O turkey. Hilarious.

Onward! Making the herb butter

Slathering it on the bird and popping it in the oven

Holy moly

Look at that bird!!

Classic mashed potatoes, especially for my hubby

Grandma Saviello’s stuffing (YUM!!)

PW’s sweet potato casserole

Mama’s Rolls (a classic in my mom’s side of the family – – maybe I’ll post the recipe later)

Green beans with almonds and whiskey glazed carrots

And good ol’ pumpkin pie

We fully intended to make PW’s Apple Pie (more like a crisp) but we were SO exhausted when we sat down to dinner (and we ran out of brown sugar!) so that didn’t happen. This picture is a pretty accurate description of how we were feeling. Cooking exhaustion and relief on getting to finally eat the deliciousness we had been working on all day!!!

Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful. We prayed and thanked Jesus for friends, family and most of all the gospel and what Jesus has done for us. During our meal we all talked about what we are thankful for and it was such a good reminder of  how loving, gracious, merciful and faithful God is! Dan read a thanksgiving prayer from Valley of Vision and we just praised God for who He is and what He has done!

It was a GREAT thanksgiving. And ended with a little visitor…. I’ll let Emily decide if she wants to give details to the blog world or not:)


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3 Responses to Tasty Tuesday – Thanksgiving Style!

  1. Curry Winters says:

    you can’t leave your readers hangin’ like that!!!

  2. em says:

    mmmm… it was a delicious dinner indeed! i wish you had a picture of the turkey barely fitting into our tiny oven. it’s a thanksgiving miracle that it turned out!
    and you can read this next part if you promise not to judge us. during dinner, the little visitor we had was a mouse. i guess the smell of jackie’s rolls was so enticing… jackie saw him scurry across the kitchen floor right as we began eating. but before you start gagging, i am happy to report that gus the mouse (as jackie affectionately named him) was successfully trapped a few hours later. we put a little bit of grandma saviello’s stuffing and he just couldn’t resist. just want to give a shout of to my grandma – thanks for helping us catch mice!
    end of story.
    i have officially declared this thanksgiving to be the best thanksgiving ever! we love you guys!!

  3. em says:

    i have to say i’m pretty happy about the fact that no one reads these comments after you have put up a new post. either that, or no one thinks it’s gross that we had a mouse. win-win either way! :)

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