Meet my friend

This is Andrea.

About 6 months ago one of my favorite bloggers, Molly Piper had a post up about hope. She lost her daughter to stillbirth at 40 weeks and wrote this as she was 20 weeks pregnant with twins. It’s a beautiful post with a lot of vulnerability that talked about how hard it is to hope for good things when you know God could take it away, or could have other plans and He is still loving and good.

It was the perfect post for my heart at that point. Someone had commented and talked about how some of the questions in her heart are the same but a different battle, wondering if God would ever open her womb.

I commented off her and hopped over to her blog. I read some of her stuff and was SO encouraged by the way the Lord had moved in her heart over this battle. I resonated with it so much and she preached the gospel to me over and over in these points (although unknown to her!) I left a comment and randomly went back and checked her blog from time to time.

Then… she left me a comment. Ask my hubby I was SO excited!!!

(Andrea I feel like I’m outing myself here – – hope that’s okay!!)

Anyway, we started commenting on one another’s blogs. Our stories were so similar, we were often going through heartache or certain emotions at similar times and it seems that God used her blog often to encourage me and point me near the cross. (and as I later found out – He was doing the same thing for her through mine as well! How cool is that?) She had previously gone through some treatment we were just starting and so I decided to email her to ask about it and also let her know I was thinking about her and praying for her.

We emailed back and forth a few times – – Jesus constantly refreshing my soul as I read her words. She is just such a godly woman of the Lord who knows Scripture, knows who God is and fights to draw near to the cross, even in the midst of suffering. She taught me a lot about what it means to suffer well in this battle and to hold on to joy and fight for contentment even when circumstances aren’t how I hoped they would be.

For so long I knew her through this:

But just last week we got to meet in person!!!

She lives in Minneapolis and so I asked her if she wanted to get coffee when we went to visit the Wellers!! True confession – I was super nervous. What was I afraid of happening? Who knows…


…. it was SO, SO GREAT!! I was hoping that it would be fun and good to chat, but it was even BETTER than I had hoped it would be! Conversation was just so natural and it seemed like we had been friends for a long time. We shared our stories and talked about life and where God is calling us next. It was SO encouraging! I left that morning so excited and joyful for God’s providence in the way He provides and the crazy way he connected me and Andrea! And here’s to hoping this is just the beginning of our friendship (whether near or far!)

Andrea, I am so thankful for you!!! Ever since we “met” I have been so encouraged by your heart and desire for the Lord. Thank you for pushing me closer to Jesus. You have shown me how to suffer well and how God is doing big things even when our circumstances haven’t changed. I’m trying my hardest to come back to Minneapolis in the spring (well… spring for me – it would probably still be snowing for you guys!) – – hang out in real life again soon, please?!? Praying for you sweet blog friend:)


P.S. – She got an advent basket too!!! How great is that?!?


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4 Responses to Meet my friend

  1. andrea says:

    Seriously…tears in my eyes, nicest things someone has said about me. Girl, you have no idea just how thankful I am for all the ways you have done the same things for me:)

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  3. leighannteh says:

    That is so precious! Praise God for friends who truly understand. And point u to Christ!

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