Goodbye, Fall

So everyone knows Autumn is basically over – I should know this right? BUT I realized that I never posted my autumn mantle! I intentionally was putting it off for a while because I was hoping to get a couple more decorations to complete it. I really wanted to put some autumn flowers in a tall vase on the floor in front of the fireplace, but never did. I also wanted to hang the wreath up over the fireplace! However hanging stuff is always a little bit of a production because if we just use nails some of the plaster/ paint would come off. (And also just because we’re super slackers about hanging stuff up… maybe that’s the bigger reason!) But, I really liked the simplicity of the gourds and orange/ gold candles on the mantle itself. SO – even though it is unfinished I wanted to go ahead and show you what it looked like this year:) Hopefully next fall I can add the finishing touches!

Here are the gourds on the left side

That imitated the pears/ gourds in the wreath

Here are the candles and candlesticks on the right side

Here are those decorations and the wreath I wanted to hang up, but we just leaned against the fireplace:)

Here’s what it looked like for the fall! Got some room for improvement for autumn 2k11:)


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