Ornament Spotlights

I love ornaments. I love a packed, packed tree. As a child my parents’ tree always had lots and lots of ornaments all over it, so I have definitely learned that from them:) I’d love to show you guys some of my favorite ornaments and tell you the stories that go along with them! My husband laughs because every year we put the tree up I tell him the exact same stories. I have a lot of “sentimental” ornaments from a long time ago (and sometimes those may be the less attractive ones!) but I love remembering those and the times they represent.

(p.s – I’m all for ornament gifts… anytime you don’t know what to buy someone, try an ornament! Monogram it – even better!!!)

Spotlight #1

I absolutely love glass ornaments. I think they look so beautiful hanging high on the tree with white lights shining behind them. A couple times my parents went to Brown County and bought a few really nice ornaments that were made in the shop – glass blown maybe? Anyway, I took dance for about 10 years when I was younger and my parents always strongly encouraged the creative and performance side of me. They bought me this ornament when I was much younger and let me take it with me when Bryan and I got married! (And it’s got glittery sparkles on the tutu – how great is that?)


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One Response to Ornament Spotlights

  1. Kristin Lewis says:

    love ornament spotlight. keep them coming. : )

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