Tasty Tuesday – Your Way

Okay so this is kind of a cop out post… please forgive me:)

Anyways, I LOVE holiday baking and I have been been printing off new recipes like it’s my job! But I would love to know what YOUR favorite holiday recipes are!! Sometimes I forget what an amazing plethora of good recipes I have in my friends and readers! Just last year, my supervisor at work gave me a SUPER easy recipe for Homemade Thin Mints. They were fabulous!! I love them and they are in my new holiday repertoire (recipe to come later!) which I am continually looking to expand.


What are your favorite holiday baking recipes?!?

It could be a recipe passed down for generations, your family favorite, something you can’t get enough of, one you recently made or something you just found that you’re dying to try!! Feel free to leave a comment with the recipe itself or a link to where it is! Thanks SO much and I look forward to baking some of your favorites!!


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2 Responses to Tasty Tuesday – Your Way

  1. no baking involved in this recipe and it only has THREE ingredients….which may be part of the reason I enjoy it so much :) I use white chocolate and festive holiday sprinkles. yummy.

    Oreo Truffle balls

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