Homemade Gift ideas

I love gift giving. It is challenging for me because I show people love through giving gifts (and I think the wrapping is fun too!) However, since gifts (usually!) cost money we set a budget and stick to it. So my goal is to get the best gifts while still staying in our budget. I often do some homemade things just to up the ante – and spend time working on presents instead of just money:)

I full admit that I’m not always as creative as I wish. I will hand make some things that don’t turn out well. But you live and learn right?

Here are a few homemade gift ideas I’ve done the past couple of years-

“Cookie in a jar” (layering different supplies and decorating the top for people to make homemade cookies – I’ve used this recipe)

Modge podge ornaments (get glass ornaments and cut out squares or other shapes, attach them on the outside of the ornament with store bought modge podge – either matte, gloss or sparkly!)

Model Magic ornaments (Roll out model magic, cut with cookie cutters, let dry FOR DAYS, then paint and use paint markers. I did a bunch of different shapes but felt like the snowmen, snowmen face and gingerbread were the cutest! I punched a hole in the top before drying and got some cute Christmas-y ribbon to hang it up with )


Christmas crafting is really good to do while listening to Christmas music or watching a Christmas movie – – it will put you in the spirit for sure!!! Although maybe not as much as making buckeyes… OH. YES.


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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