Hawaii Ornaments

Spotlight #5

We took an amazing, once in a lifetime trip (although hopefully not!!!) to Hawaii this past spring with my parents. We were there for TWO WEEKS and it was an amazing, gorgeous, life giving trip. I blogged about it a bunch when I was there and you can catch those here, herehere, here, here, here, here and here:)

We bought two ornaments as a keepsake from our trip! The first one is a beautiful glass, hand painted one. It is an underwater scene filled with sea turtles! We picked out this one because we saw SO many giant sea turtles! At our condo in Maui, we would see them every night at sunset and when we went to Waikiki in Honolulu, we could sit on our balcony and see them swimming in the clear water underneath!

And now the other one is a little more fun. In Hawaii, especially in Maui the “shaka sign” which means “hang loose” is kind of a big deal. I blogged about it and I planned on doing it a lot more when I came home, but it didn’t happen. BUT… just so we won’t forget how great it was:



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