Visions of Sugar Plums Dancing in their heads (But better!!!)

My day consisted of LOTS of holiday cheer with all the fix-ins! I also got to babysit my sweet 2-year-old neighbor… who requested “rest time” and ended up sleeping almost 3 hours in our bed!! Haha her parents said she NEVER requests a nap and never sleeps that long either! I got to bake during naptime and felt like a real life baker mom:)

Crossing things off the holiday baking list

making big batch Kris Kringle Cookies

letting my 2-year-old friend “unwrap 80+ Reese’s mini cups (she loved it! Haha and it helped me too!) and then making Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Making dough for peppermint crunch cookies! To be baked tomorrow

NOT loving the super messy kitchen with lots of dishes that happens when you bake all day… I think I washed my kitchen-aid bowl like 6 times:)

Ended the day with wrapping presents,

making treat bags,

enjoying our Christmas tree,

and mantle

and stairs

and beautiful Christmas cards from lots of fun folks!!

and most of all gearing my heart up to celebrate Jesus’ first coming and anxiously awaiting His return – Come, Lord Jesus!!


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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