Christmas recap

My house currently looks like a tornado ran through it. My husband said “it did! It’s called Christmas!” But I took a few days “off” the cleaning game…walking and looking over piles and not cleaning up after myself – ah… nice eh? Basically I was exhausted from all the Christmas prep and fun and went back to work too early! BOO! So my day off after Christmas festivities I just hung out and relaxed – nice.

However I am getting the “new year/ fresh start” organizational kick growing a little bit. For Christmas I got some things to organize my basement and am planning on working an overhaul soon! So very soon, my house will hopefully go from hot mess to fantastic organization machine (okay probably not… but I can dream right?) Anyway, at least I’m coming up with some ideas on how to decorate my mantle/ house when Christmas is over. I LOVE the way Christmas decorations make my house feel so warm and so I’m trying to figure out more decorations through the year that will give me that same feeling. You know… the one where you come home from a long day at work, snuggle into your flannel pjs, slide on your slippers and watch your favorite TV show on the couch… mmm, that feeling.

But we had a really great Christmas. We spent some wonderful time with our families – yummy food and great company. Both of our families are SO generous and gave us amazing presents which just points me to our generous Father. Makes me so thankful for them!!! All of our festivities were SO fun and I am so thankful for family! Hope your Christmas was merry and led you to worship Jesus!


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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