Top posts of 2010

I love year-end lists. Yeah I’m that guy. But in case you wanted to do a little reading (or were just curious!), here are my most clicked upon top 25 posts of 2010!!

(if you’re paying attention, this is also of all time as well because the ol’ blog was born in the spring of this year…)

Have a safe and happy new year!!! Hoping your 2011 is fantastic:)

Without further ado…

25. Not fair.

24. A Ridiculous Video that seemed hilarious at the time

23. The Waiting Room

22. Growing in Self Control Part 2

21. Eyes on the Prize

20. Summer List Part II

19. Friday Fun

18. It’s not that intense

17. Hoping In and Hoping For

16. The best day of my life

15. Oh, Sweet Minnesota

14. 10 Reasons I’m glad my husband is home

13. Growing in Self Control Part 3

12. The Best Pumpkin Bread Ever

11. I adore Baking II – Cowboy Bars

10. Bump Envy

9. What I do all day Part I

8. Meet my friend

7. Ode Week

6. Mother’s Day.

5. I tried cake decorating once

4. GOOD byes

3. Sorrowful, yet always rejoicing

2. Announcing John Winters!

1. Over. Whelmed

Also. This is my 200th blog post. FUN!! :)


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