Because it’s the new year…

and because my husband and I slept WAY too late today…

I made Joy the Baker’s homemade buttermilk pancakes at 1pm.

And they were SO, SO delicious!!! My new year’s resolution needs to be to never make pancakes from a box again. You have to make these too!

Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes


  • 1 c. buttermilk (OR 1 c. regular milk plus 1 T. vinegar)
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 T. vegetable oil
  • 1 stick unsalted butter, melted and cooled slightly
  • 1 1/2 c. flour
  • 4 t. baking powder
  • 4 t. brown sugar
  • 1 t. salt

Whisk together milk, eggs, oil in a medium bowl. Whisk in butter.

Stir together flour, baking powder, brown sugar and salt. Whisk in egg mixture.

Once combined, let sit 10 minutes while your griddle preheats. I had mine at 375 degrees or medium heat. Spray griddle with butter spray. Working in batches pour 1/4 c. of batter.

I found the batter to be VERY thick, so spread it out with the back of a spoon.Cook until the bubbles have formed on the top and sides and broken, about 2 minutes or until the sides are nice and dry.

Flip (I try to put the turner under super quickly to make sure it doesn’t fall apart). Cook until other side is golden. Keep the cooked pancakes in a warm oven (on 200 degrees or so) until you serve them warm with maple syrup!



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