If I had a million dollars

So apparently there was a big lottery last week – 330 million or something (is that not crazy?!?) A crew at my work were going in on a lottery ticket just for kicks and so we all started talking about what we would actually do if we got even ONE million dollars.

It was a pretty funny conversation with people getting way too excited and loud (ahem, me). Some people would quit working, some said they would get bored and work at least half time, some would go back to school, lots and lots of different thoughts about what we could do with our life if we could do anything.

So what did I say I would do?

Quit my job (obviously!)

Hire a personal trainer and work out with them daily

Get a daily massage after my work out:)

Cook and bake all day and host small dinner parties often

Get someone to deep clean my house a time or two a month:)

Spend time reading, with my husband, with friends, and serving others

And the most ridiculous one?

I would buy a big ranch house. And remodel it to make the entire house one GIANT kitchen!!! And/ or maybe open a bakery (but I don’t know if I’d actually want to do that… more so the giant kitchen to bake whenever I want)

So I was thinking about my list. In the “fantasy world of a million dollars”, my days would have a lot of the things I have now – like reading, spending time with my husband, and cooking.  The biggest difference would be the varying degrees of things- less work, less cleaning, more baking, more hosting, more time with friends. But there were two things that I rarely do right now… and they were the first two ideas I thought about!!! Exercise and massages. What do those come down to? Self care, baby. I wrote a previous post about being reminded about the importance of sleep and this was an additional reminder of other ways to take care of my body and honor God through that!

Often I feel like I can’t serve God like I want to because I’m just too dang tired. I get home from a long day’s work, get dinner together or clean, go to meetings, whatever…and I’m so beat I just want to sit on the couch. Although it seems counter intuitive sometimes the way I can best serve God and spend my time efficiently is by taking care of myself. God designed our bodies in certain ways and when we take care of them well, we have more energy and are able to serve him better! It’s so easy for me to take the “instant gratification” route (which is often just my laziness) and sit around instead of exercising when I get home from work. I so easily forget how good working out makes me feel! Although I’m not sure I have the motivation to completely kick it in gear with weight watchers, losing weight and working out…. my body just runs and feels so much better when I’m regularly using and strengthening my muscles!

And unfortunately I won’t be able to get regular massages… but I should totally start using my random massager more recently right?!? I got it when I was in college and worked at Bed, Bath and Beyond for the summer:)  Nice. I am hoping God will grant me self control in this area and so by taking better care of myself I can serve him and work hard for his kingdom more!!

Oh and just for fun – here’s the song to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Did you know we randomly went to see the band Barenaked Ladies recently?!? Our neighbors had tickets and we LOVE them and so went with them! It was a fun concert and I was shocked at how many songs I knew! This one was definitely a crowd favorite…

they talk a little in the beginning but the song starts around a minute if you need to cut to the chase… but be forewarned it’s kind of their deal to randomly talk and tell stories in the song too:)

So what would you do if you had a million dollars?!?


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2 Responses to If I had a million dollars

  1. Katie Larry says:

    Jackie! I was raised on BNL!!! love that you love them hahahahaha :)

    • jackielopina says:

      more like we love our neighbors… who really do love them! Just kind of crazy that we saw them in concert recently. Yay for old memories!

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