Freezing Fun

Look what I got for Christmas!

A full deep freezer!!!

You know you’re an adult when you are stoked about a freezer:)

So for the past couple weeks I’ve been researching things online- recipes, tips on freezing, what you can freeze etc. This past Saturday I took a monster trip to costco (spontaneously with a crew of friends!) and got a ton of meat and all kinds of stuff to freeze!!

Please check out my 9 pound pork tenderloin

That I cut into three roasts and like 10 pork chops

and popped in my new ziploc freezer bags

labeled of course

(although I’m hoping to get these reusable labels from the container store soon)

I got a giant thing of stewing meat too and was able to divy it up into perfect portions:)

I’ve been stocking my freezer like a madwoman the past few days and will be sharing as it grows and grow. Here’s a blog I found some tips on why she likes a full freezer, some of her basics that she keeps in it and some AWESOME tips as well! A lesson on flash freezing from the pioneer woman as well…

This is giving me some ideas…. :)

Some things I might try to put in my freezer:

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls (check!)

Cookie dough (either balls or logs – with the logs you are just making your own slice and bake!)

Single serving portions of soups (some black bean salsa soup, white wine chicken soup and definitely chili!)

Dinner roll dough (check!)

Casserole/ Lasagnas – the next few times I make casseroles in 9×13 pans I’ll just freeze half of it in an 8×8!!

Homemade tomato sauce

Chopped up veggies (started!)

Quick breads – pumpkin/ banana oat

I am excited to learn this new world!! Please be prepared for multiple freezer posts in the future:) I’d love for you to share some of your knowledge and experiences with freezer storage as well. Maybe foods you like to keep stocked or ways to stay organized?

What are some of your favorite freezer tips?


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7 Responses to Freezing Fun

  1. andrea says:

    OH my…I’m so jealous! There are only around 3 things we miss from having a house; ability to have a deep freezer, a grill, and a garden. One day.

    One great resource for really yummy recipes and how to freeze them is Cooks Illustrated Best Make Ahead Recipe. We’ve tried quite a few from here and not only are they easy and tasted delicious but they are perfect for those times you give a meal after a baby, etc.

    Check the library or amazon!

  2. brittany says:

    yay! so earlier this year my mom bought these tubs of cookie dough that were frozen and already in cookie shape so when i wanted to make them i just took out a couple and popped-em in the toaster oven. so i vote for that, call me when they’re in the oven. yum, love you!

  3. Curry Winters says:

    i have heard of woman who get together and make lots of meals together (the crazy ones make enough meals for 1month) then they split them among themselves and freeze them…maybe we should try this on a smaller scale:)

  4. Kristin Lewis says:

    I LOVE THIS POST! I need a deep freezer. excited to see what you find out about during this adventure!

  5. Jill posted on this a while back. She had some fun ideas there.

    Here are a few of mine:

    1. get on a kick and chop up celery, carrots, onion, green pepper, etc and freeze in separate bags to use later for quick cooking.
    2. Buy double or triple what you need in ground beef and brown it all at once. Divide in 1 lb. amounts to freezer bags to use for taco meat, chili, sloppy joes etc.
    3. frozen breakfast casserole (ala Norris Lake ’09 :)
    4. Double Curry’s turkey meatloaf recipe. freeze one for later
    5. make sure you write the date, amount, and cooking instructions so you don’t have to look it up later
    6. Freeze baked and cubed chicken in 1/2 lb amounts to put in soup or enchiladas

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