A Little Bit of Winter Whimsy

(This post is for Curry who thought my winter decorations sounded sketchy when I described them and found it hilarious that I called it “a little bit of winter whimsy.” LOVE YOU!!!!!)

So I always love the way my house looks all decked out for Christmas. I finally got the motivation to take my decorations down a couple weeks ago (and start organizing my storage – woo hoo!!) and began envisioning my winter mantle. I haven’t had any post-christmas decorations in previous years but my mantle and home always feels a little stark and bare from the warm, cozy christmas scene.

So when I was envisioning my mantle I was thinking classy – white, creams, silver. Simple, elegant. Sounds nice right?

So I started shopping. I had heard great things about TJ Maxx for home good and was taking a trip to Michaels and there was a TJ Maxx right there so I popped in! So I had my white, silver theme in mind, but to be honest, wasn’t stoked about it. It sounded a little boring and not the warm, cozy, fun mood I was yearning for after Christmas. I mean I know it’s no arctic north, but it is cold and snowy here!!

So then I saw this

Oooh! I love polka dots and there was just something fun about this bowl.

So… my focus might have changed:) I saw these fun pillows and thought with the ice blue and bright white it could still be very wintery. (I’m still trying to do the normal person, nice looking mantle here)

But then the polka dots got the best of me.

I saw these brightly colored pillows. Too much pink, orange and green. They were kind of old fashioned, not really my style…. even – dare I say it? – a little obnoxious?

But then I looked at the polka dots

and then I looked at the brightly colored pillows

and I kind of wanted to take a risk

and the bright colors make me happy…


BOOM. 2 of these guys

to complement my 2 ice blue pillows.

So I’m still working on my mantle but please know those little mini hearts are involved in one of my hurricane vases.

So we’re trying to do this fun, wintery mantle/ decorations with a little bit of Valentine’s Day/ Lopina joint birthdays fun thrown in. It’s January people. The more fun we can have, the better.



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4 Responses to A Little Bit of Winter Whimsy

  1. Kristin Lewis says:

    as expected…LOVE THIS. : ) those ice blue pillows are beautiful after christmas winter decor. i also think the “obnoxious” pillow are cute too. you go jackie lopina. : )

  2. Curry Winters says:

    I like both pillows and the bowl! I am all about having bright cheeriness during January!!!

  3. steph says:

    love that blue pillow. You should make a stop at “Jen’s Closet” the next time you need new pillows – I hear you can get some great deals :)

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