Unrelenting Intentionality

The past week or so I’ve been hearing so much that has made me remember the importance of being intentional with others and ourselves.  Pastor Kevin’s sermon yesterday was very challenging in many ways – – he talked about living in the reality of Jesus’ 2nd coming. There was SO much goodness that was included in that sermon including the urgency and importance of evangelizing and sharing with our friends, which is huge.

But an over arching thought for me was how can I alter the routines and rhythms of my life to live in line with this reality? How can I best serve Jesus by sustaining the good routines, making God honoring opportunities out of the necessary routines and getting rid of bad routines that distract me from Him?

Here’s a couple random thoughts as I’m hashing this out. So often I’m all talk and no action and I’m hoping by posting these you will feel free to ask me about these and encourage me!!

Good routines:

spending time in the word in the morning – prioritize this, go to bed early, increase my time, be better about it on weekends

date night – improve creativity in loving my husband, grow in becoming an expert about him

Necessary routines:

driving to work and home visits – listen to audio scripture, pray often in the car especially for others, call a friend

eating – try to have people over once a week, cultivate relationships with family by sharing meals with them, cook double and bless others

Bad routines:

rarely taking a sabbath – schedule it out in my calendar, take an extended “retreat” once a month to get away, read, study and spend extended time in prayer

not working out – we’re joining the Y baby!!! I’m STOKED! Get motivated, remember how great I feel when I work out well and schedule it out so I do it regularly

None of this is easy. If it was, I would already be doing it effortlessly:) But I want to serve and love and proclaim Jesus with all I have! And praise God – his method is, as Steve Timmis says, is by “ordinary people, doing ordinary things with gospel intentionality.” Here I am ordinary, lowly, sinful – – I want my ordinary life to proclaim the gospel loudly and clearly!


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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4 Responses to Unrelenting Intentionality

  1. em says:

    love this and your desire to grow! i’m in it with you. i’ll share some thoughts with you soon!

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  3. Kristin Lewis says:

    fighting this fight alongside you. love this, love you. praying for these things!

  4. love this. I gave you a shout out in my post. Thanks for challenging me to think harder about my days. And seriously, I’m super excited about the Y.

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