Live & Learn: My 2nd Cinnamon Roll Trial

So I recently posted about my first cinnamon rolls attempt (with chocolate chips!) Here’s the highlights of my second attempt!!!

Rolling out the dough, brushing with butter and sprinkling cinnamon and sugar

It gets a little messy

But look at that delicious cinnamon and sugar!

Roll it up very slow, nice and tight, making sure your dough doesn’t fall apart

With the chocolate sweet rolls I tried to saw it with a serrated knife and it seemed to flatten the cinnamon rolls a little more than I liked. I saw online a tip about using dental floss! I tried it and it worked great!!! I just brought it underneath and cut it up (and kind of around both sides.) Just make sure you don’t use mint flavored… that would mess some things up:)

I played around some with how thick to roll it out, how tight to roll it up and how much space should be between each cut, etc. I cut thicker rolls this time but I think they could even be much thicker!!!

On some of them I sprinkled the topping that fell out of the sides when I rolled them up:)

freshly baked

check out that close up

Oh yeah… I took a pan to community group and have a couple pans hanging out in my freezer along with some cream cheese icing. I LOVE having cinnamon rolls on hand:)


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One Response to Live & Learn: My 2nd Cinnamon Roll Trial

  1. Kristin Lewis says:

    JACKIE! THESE WERE SOOOOOOOOO GOOD! you are a champ at making cinnamon rolls now!

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