Does it mean I’m weird that I don’t think this is weird?!?

So my neighbors showed us the “double dream hands” youtube video the other day. If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

Everyone else  seemed to think it was funny but to me it seemed… normal?!? Although no where near as cheesy as this dance is, we had a choreographer for our high school showchoir that was fairly similar to this:) Anyway, I’ve shown you a quick snippet before, but I wanted to share with you my FAVORITE show! Thanks to fellow past Choralier Caiti Lusk (now not Lusk anymore!!) I got the link to see the WHOLE 2002 Coffee Show!! So I realize this is like 15 minutes long… but it’s pretty awesome. Can you find me?!? A couple tips – I’m usually in the back left corner, in the beginning I’m wearing a pink robe, in “coffee black” towards the end I am dancing up high on the ledge (with MARSHALL!! Hahaha) and then stay right around there for the ballad. In Java Jive I’m in the 2nd quad in the front left. And as an incentive to the very few who will make it to the end – – when someone runs up and screams “oh I gotta pee!!!” …. Guess who?!?

In case you were wondering my director hand picked me for that.  At the time I didn’t know whether to be flattered or offended, and to be honest I still don’t:) I’m going to hope it was because I’m loud…Oh well – it’s Friday!! You should totally take 15 minutes to enjoy this!!!

And for all the double dream hand lovers, I thought this edit was stinkin HILARIOUS!!


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