The Joy and Peril of Flipping a King Mattress (by yourself!)

(Please forgive me for no pictures. This story would be better with pictures. Although more embarrassing. And that’s the main reason I did not take them as this ridiculous encounter was happening. Hopefully this is still an entertaining tale for you!)

Last Sunday I decided to play a little Suzy Homemaker (or actually Brittany McIntyre since I totally copied her Sunday mornings) and to wake up in time to go to the early service at church but clean until the late service begins. I did my Sabbath on Saturday so Sunday needed to be cleaning/ catch up/ get ready for a new week type of day.

I desperately needed to wash our (heavenly) flannel sheets so that was my first step. Since I had the time I figured -why not? – let’s wash the mattress pad too! I put that in the washer and then went back upstairs for my next line of attack.

I looked at our bare mattress and remembered – hmm.. we’re supposed to flip and rotate our mattress regularly. Looking at it, I could distinctly see two divets from where we lay. Bryan later said he doesn’t think we’ve flipped it since we lived in our house (2+ years) and he may be right.

So I thought -what the hey!! I’ll flip and rotate the mattress! I know we’ve done it a time or two before and I thought I could do it.

But I forgot…. it’s a king mattress….. I’m one person.

You look up anything about flipping a mattress and it is always a 2 person gig.

I realized it might be a challenge but I could do it right? Right?

How to make that happen?  Pull the bed off so a few feet to the side and then pull one side up to meet the other and flip! Sounds easy, eh?

So I pulled the mattress on my side of the bed over a few feet so it was hanging off. I pulled up our giant mattress, trying to bring it to the middle….. it was not folding in half this way. And I almost knocked down our ceiling fan. Yikes. So I went by the foot of my bed and pulled that off a few feet to the side. So now my bare mattress was off a few feet towards both the side and the feet.  (And did I mention how small our bedroom is? We can’t even fit night tables by our bed.)

I tried to pull it up in half. I shoved my shoulder under the mattress and tried to maneuver it. It was working… it was working…. and then – BOOM!! The heaviness jumped me back to the wall. Whoa! It was like an awful 6th grade dance move. I kept trying to pull and push and lift the mattress different ways. Who knew a huge mattress would be some cumbersome? (Probably everyone but me.) Of course I also had laundry baskets close by the bed and ended up tripping over those at different times in my battle. WHEW! By this time I was getting worked up and totally sweating. Seriously?!?

At this point I thought of an exit strategy. Should I leave it? What would Bryan think if he came home and our bedroom is a hot mess? Mattress askew, tripped over laundry baskets dumped out on the floor and a body shaped hole in the wall (just kidding about that last one.) Hm. So I thought I would give it one more try. I pulled the mattress a few feet from the wall near our head, the opposite end almost touching the wall on the other side. (See? I told you our bedroom is small!!) I gathered up all my strength and lifted up the foot of the mattress, brought it over my shoulders, moved my head down and pushed, pushed, pushed…. I lifted it up to meet the other side, lifted, lifted, lifted…. and BOOM!!! It went over!!! IT FLIPPED!!!

I literally knee jumped on the mattress and yelled over and over “I did it! I did it! I did it!!”  Fist pumps and jazz hands included.

Ah, sweet victory. I was so excited! And then I was embarrassed at how complicated the situation was and how I was this proud over accomplishing my task. Oh, the little things:)


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One Response to The Joy and Peril of Flipping a King Mattress (by yourself!)

  1. brittany says:

    hilarious! maybe next time call me and we’ll flip together and then go to church :) love you friend, hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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