Wonderful Wintery Wreaths!

I recently decided I wanted to expand my crafting. There is so much homemade beauty on the web! Also I love decorating my home (especially with the seasons) and that can get expensive!! So I was hoping  by making my own I could have some fun, make some mistakes and hopefully end with a good result or two.

I found a link to this amazing, poufy, whimsical, fun coffee filter wreath on Andrea’s blog.

photo courtesy of The NESTER

I spent lots of time wandering around this blog and all the decorating ones that I found from it. I am amazed at the beauty people create! I had been planning on making this for weeks. And then I saw THIS.


SWOON!!!!! And a half. I absolutely loved this. This (and many other yarn ball wreaths) are Christmas decorations. I loved how the ornament balls looked in it, but didn’t think they would work for a winter wreath.

I got the supplies for both wreaths and began the yarn ball one first.

Based on my winter whimsical decorations that I started, I began a color scheme for my yarn ball wreath. Cream and tan, definitely. Light blue? Sure? Pink? YES! Maybe a little darker brown? The color scheme kind of happened organically. As per the decorations online I got different sizes of foam balls and a wire wreath all from a craft store. (The foam balls were a little pricy but the wire wreath was only a few dollars!!! I later saw a tip of someone who just made foil balls – that would be SO cheap!) I used craft glue to secure the beginning of the yarn to the ball. I’m not sure this step is needed. Then I wrapped the yarn all around. The thicker yarns were MUCH quicker and covered better, but I was just using what I had and the colors I wanted were thin. (But if you’re going to do one of these, I suggest thicker yarn.)

This took a long time. A LONG time. However, I just snuggled up with season 2 of my newest TV fave (Burn Notice – it’s the weird spy thing I have) and wrapped up dozens of yarn balls. I was prepared this was the longest part so I wasn’t shocked. And we’ve had a lot of snow recently that made it easier to stay inside with yarn and a comfy blanket. Hot chocolate doesn’t hurt either.

After I wrapped what I thought would be enough balls, I began the placing and gluing process. This was a little anxiety producing. I LOVE non-identical symmetry so I was trying to make it look like a round wreath without just using the same size all around. (Although I saw one like this that looked great! It just wasn’t the look I was going for.)

I found a tip to do one section at a time… but I think in the future I would place the larger yarn balls for the whole wreath and then plug in the smaller ones. Anyways, I used a hot glue gun and a boatful of hot glue to attach the balls to the wire and to each other.  I glued it on the front and then turned it over and glued on the back for good coverage. Some of those yarn balls are heavy! The result?

Yay! I loved it!!!

Next, I started the coffee filter wreath. I figured this one would take forever too but was SHOCKED when I felt like it was done in less than an hour!!! All I did was fold regular coffee filters in half and use craft glue to glue them on to a styrofoam wreath form.

I just did the top (left the sides and middle bare) but it was PERFECT for the winter whimsy I wanted on my front door. What do you think?

And are you tired of me talking about whimsy yet?

Two homemade, wintery wreaths! I was THRILLED with their success and it gave me some confidence to try my hand at some more decorations!

What are your next crafting projects?


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2 Responses to Wonderful Wintery Wreaths!

  1. Curry Winters says:

    great job and i love the whimsy…perhaps wednesday whimsy could be regular posting!!!!!

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