Happy Birthday Hubby!!

My husband and my birthdays are only 3 days apart!!! Bryan is a year older than me but for 3 days we’re the same age:) I am so thankful for my husband and wanted to write 27 things I love about him to celebrate his 27th birthday!!

1. I love that he provides for us well

2. I love that he makes me a priority

3. I love how he doesn’t care when the house is a mess

4. I love how much of a learner he is

5. I love how smart he is. He will always humbly offer help and advice.

6. I love how he gives generously

7. I love how he serves the church well

8. I love what a good friend he is and the way he cares for others

9. I love the way he looks when he cracks up! He’s so stinkin cute:)

10. I love when he asks for me to cook something by name (want to make me some cowboy bars please?)

11. I love how he preaches the gospel to me

12. I love how he lets me be goofy

13. I love how he can be silly sometimes too!

14. I love spending quality time with him

15. I love how he cheers me on

16. I love spending lazy Saturday mornings with him

17. I love how even tempered, level-headed and consistent he is – – and how he reminds me things aren’t as extreme as my emotional self thinks they are

18. I love when he gets excited about something

19. I love hearing him preach

20. I love cuddling with him

21. I love how he looks when he’s all dressed up – OW! OW!!

22. I love vacationing with him

23. I love when he does man things for me like using the grill, driving the boat, taking out the trash and fixing things around the house

24. I love praying with him and when he tells me he’s praying for me

25. I love how he encourages me to know Jesus more

26. I love how he calms me down and relieves my worries

27. I love him because I love him


Happy Birthday Baby! I love you a million times over!


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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