My Winter Mantra

I’m not a huge fan of winter. I could jump on the “I hate winter” bandwagon REAL quick! However, I’ve been trying to refrain from complaining even though we’ve been having a lot of snow and ice so far. One big reason for this lack of complaining? My new winter mantra:

It’s always colder in Minnesota!

(As I experienced when it was snowing 2 feet and was 7 degrees when we were there for THANKSGIVING! Yikes!!) So in attempting to work out my critical spirit I am attempting to practice the opposite.  And what’s that exactly? Thankfulness. Here is an exercise in gratitude – – a list of a few things I LIKE about winter:


1. Packing refrigerated snacks and keeping them in the car during the day. I love eating cold yogurt and fruit in between home visits!
2. Wearing my fun new winter boots!
3. My brightly colored winter decorations (whimsical of course!)
4. Sleeping with the sound of the humidifer
5. How much I appreciate daylight more when most days I drive to and from work in the dark
6. STAYING IN! (And more excuses to stay in)
7. Leaving my Nalg in the car and coming back to cold water.
8. Wearing my moccasin slippers every minute I’m in the house
9. Drowning in delicious soups and stews and chilis OH MY!
10. Smart wool socks. Self explanatory.
11. Drinking more coffee
12. Flannel sheets baby. YES!
13. Space heaters on high
14. Cooking up cozy one pot wonderful meals and the return of comfort food
15. Being snowed in wearing flannel pjs & moccasins and eating homemade soup cuddled in a blanket. All staying in goodness combined:)

Okay so I challenge you, fellow winter haters, what are some reasons you like winter?


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4 Responses to My Winter Mantra

  1. Kate Titus says:

    Being the ones in charge of snow-blowing/salting the sidewalks at our apartments can be kind of annoying, but knowing we’re serving our neighbors (not to mention the blessing of living here rent-free in exchange!) makes it worth it. :)

    Also, I heart chai lattes and warm blankets.

    Also, thanks again for talking to me about car seats and sleep patterns. I really appreciate your input. :)

  2. McKenzie says:

    Snow days, hot chocolate everyday, and being snowed in with netflix :)

  3. Curry Winters says:

    sleeping with an electric blanket, warm showers, cuddled up in a sweatshirt, hot coffee, sweatshirt blankets:)

  4. em says:

    it was a crisp -11 here this morning (note the minus sign), but we’ve got a heat wave coming next week! double digits in the positive baby!!

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